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The year 2012 already is looking like a busy travel year for us at Bravado Home & Design. Stefan just returned from Arizona, where he was working on his third residential project in the area. Macall recently returned from finishing up loose ends on her residential project in San Francisco, and this week Brad is off to the  2nd Annual Designer Blogger Conference in Los Angeles.

While in L.A. Brad also will hit a few parties for such friends as the marvelous British blogger and brand ambassador Ronda Carman, whose blog we love to follow.  (It’s one of the best, hence the name All The Best blog.)

Ronda Carman, photo from Decorati Access

He’s also looking forward to the always-fun party thrown by Traditional Home and its online magazine TradHomeMag, which this year celebrates the 20 Young Designers for 2012.

It’s clear that people who love design are crazy about blogs, because interior design blogs are among the most popular blogs on the Internet.  One of the highlights of the conference will be a panel discussion called “Blogging With the Stars,” which features designers who could be called the rock stars of the blogging world.  Of course Ronda Carman will be on the panel. Joining her will be Cassandra LaValle of Coco+Kelley and Tobi Fairley of Tobi’s Blog.  And the moderator will be Kyle Hoepner, Editor-in-Chief of New England Home magazine.  Talk about heavyweights in the industry!  It should be fascinating, and Brad will fill us in on what he learned when he gets back.

And kicking off the conference will be designer Martyn Lawrence-Bullard.










Maybe you’ve seen him on Million Dollar Decorators, on Bravo TV.  Martyn’s on the far right in the photo above, with his fellow Million Dollar Designers.  He’s witty, charming, and he really knows design. Who knows what he’ll tell the audience about his celebrity clients?

Coming up in the next few months we’ll be attending a number of industry events, including the 2nd Annual BlogFest 2012 sponsored by Kravet in New York, the International Contempoary Furnture Fair in New York (ICFF), and the International Home Furnishings Market in High Point, NC.

It is truly hard to believe that four years have come and gone at Bravado Home & Design.  As we look back at these last few years, we can see we’ve grown on many levels. Stefan Krupelak and Brad Clifford, co-owners of Bravado Home & Design, have learned what each other’s strengths are, and have grown to be great business partners.  But most importantly, they’re now best friends.

They are both happy to have Macall Williams and Anne Wisti as part of the team.  Macall and Anne both hold degrees in Interior Design. That training is an important part of running Bravado Home & Design as a respected interior design enterprise.

We are determined more than ever to strengthen our presence on all fronts from social media to quarterly showroom promotions, from building content on our new website, to continuing to strive to create strong long-term relationship with our vendors, clients, customers and trade clients.

What lies ahead for Bravado?  Well, we plan to go back and photograph previous projects that we never got around to photographing, so we can share them here on the blog.  We hope to make the blog a destination online for people who love design as much as we do.

And there’s the possibility we may choose to stop being “shopkeepers,” so we can focus all our energy on residential design, among other projects.  It takes a huge amount of work to maintain and run a showroom.  But it would be hard to let go of it, because of the many wonderful opportunities and relationships the shop has brought to us.  The exact “whats,” “whens” and “whys” of the future aren’t certain now, but we hope you’ll join us on our journey, through this blog.   Maybe you’re an aspiring designer yourself, and you want to learn about the world of residential design.  Maybe you’re thinking of starting a small business and hoping it will grow, as ours has.  Maybe you just love design and want a peek behind the scenes at the everyday life of a designer.  Or maybe you’re our mothers, trying to figure out how we spend all our time.  No matter who you are, we welcome you to our blog, and look forward to getting to know you as well as we know some of the customers and clients we’ve been lucky enough to meet in the first four years of our journey.  We all share a love of design. That makes us friends already.

Design Blogger Conference

All the Best Blog by Ronda Carman

Blog Fest 2012

International Contemporary Furniture Fair

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